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What is Liquidity and Why Does it Matter to Businesses?

The process then checks to determine if the incoming Buy Order still has quantity remaining at step 240. On the other hand, if the incoming Buy Order has been completely filled, then the process stops as indicated at step 242. At step 222, the process retrieves the best (lowest-priced) Sell Order on the posting market center. The process then compares the price of the retrieved Sell Order to the price of the incoming Buy Order, as indicated at step 224. Referring back to step 124, if the price of the incoming Sell Order is less than or equal to the retrieved Buy Order price, then the process proceeds to step 126, where it retrieves the NBB.

Tracking liquidity

You need to stay up to date in the fast-moving liquidity pools ecosystem. Liquidity pool trackers and analytic services make your life easier by helping you to make better LP decisions and help you to manage your LP exposure! Below, you will find the best five liquidity pool trackers and analytic tools of 2022. A Liquidity Pool data analytics and tracking tool will track the performance , returns and risk data of different liquidity pools or your active liquidity pool deposits.

How can I track liquidity mining stakes on $SOL?

It should be noted that the Tracking Liquidity Orders of the present invention operate as described even if no orders are present or supported in the Working Process level. “QB Liquidity Tracker marks a significant milestone for us since the launch of QB’s Roll Tracker, strengthening our position as a leading algorithmic and analytics provider,” said QB Head of Research, Shankar Narayanan. “Identifying the state of liquidity is a vital step to understanding and utilizing the next frontier in algorithmic execution, which we call Regimes. In 2022, we look forward to expanding QB’s analytics tools to help empower users to optimize their trading decisions.” Chart 50,000+ liquidity pool tokens, view performance metrics, track impermanent loss, and spot new DeFi opportunity across seven networks. Understand the assets and token allocation within the liquidity pool.

It provides a unique combination of tools and instruments that follow coins/wallets/NFTs/pools and notify you if there are any changes. Thousands of investors, traders and holders are already using EtherDrops to navigate their crypto journeys. The Liquidity Tracker is QB’s latest innovation, providing clients with a multi-asset class multi-exchange analysis using real-time liquidity and quote size data. Revert Finance also shows the sum of all staking rewards—both claimed and unclaimed, at the token’s current price and the available LP tokens. The Insider Finder is the way to find potential insider coins, sending users tokens that are about to launch which currently have 5+ pending buys from snipers.

Ranking of Tracking Liquidity Orders in the Tracking Process

Policies and guidelines that are needed to help guide the decision-making process. Appropriate levels of liquidity that need to be maintained in order to meet upcoming obligations. Just stumbled upon this while looking for additional validation about polling liquidity. To validate a transaction, a user or a group of users runs a strong data server or computer. The stakes who have delegated their coins to a validator receive a big portion of the reward for their contribution to the security of the blockchain.

It automatically syncs account balance, holdings and transactions, so you can get a full view of where your assets are kept and what their current status is. To start tracking your live holdings you don’t need to connect your DeFi wallet. The tool will automatically recognizes assets that you have on these network and displays the stats. Even though it is still in beta stage It supports multiple blockchains. You can track your portfolio holdings on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Heco, KCC, Harmony, OKEX, Avalanche and Cronos.


We’re proud to share that DeFiChain data has been integrated into the database. From the analytics platform, a user also has access to the USD value of pool reserves and the USD value of the pool’s traded volume. These are tokens owned by the account, calculated based on the amount of LP tokens and the underlying price of each token based on Coingecko’s prices. They can give analytics using streams from some leading DEXes, including Uniswap, Balancer, and more, for easy on-boarding. All users need to do is connect their account, approve, and view the movement of their LP tokens. Revert Finance provides an actionable analytics platform, specifically for DeFi liquidity providers.

At step 128, the process checks whether the retrieved Buy Order is at or better than the NBB. (In the case where the retrieved Buy Order is a Tracking Liquidity Order, the order is at the NBB if its CurrentBuyPrice is equal to the NBB.) At step 130, the process determines if the retrieved Buy Order is a Tracking Liquidity Order. If it is not, then the incoming Sell Order and the retrieved Buy Order are matched with one another according to the trading rules that govern their respective order types, as indicated at step 138.

Since many of the bsc dexs like pancakeswap have very similar contracts as uniswap on ethereum you can follow along with the tutorial linked below to get a really good understanding of how pairs work in uniswap/pancakeswap contracts. Launched in January 2022, the tool has already proven an integral tool for our active clients to gain valuable insights into the futures markets. The Liquidity Tracker is designed to help make trading decisions quickly and efficiently.

Where short-term liquidity is concerned, the focus is on understanding how fast the company’s short-term assets can be converted into cash. For medium and long-term assets, meanwhile, the goal is to match the maturity of the company’s investments as closely as possible with the timings of upcoming obligations so that cash will be available when needed. Liquidity is the term used to describe the liquid assets/cash a company can use liquidity management to meet its current and future debts and other obligations, such as payments for goods and services. Some assets are liquid, meaning that cash can be readily accessed whenever it is needed. But other types of assets, such as longer-term investments, may take longer to convert into cash – and if such an asset has to be sold very quickly due to an unexpected shortfall, the company may end up losing some of that asset’s value.

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Start tracking your farming and liquidity pool performance on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, KCC and Fantom. You can easily keep track of all your investments, loans and trades while you earn some sweet APY. These tools will monitor and keep track of your portfolio and yields across various DeFi platforms, all from one simple-to-use interface.

Tracking liquidity

The process sets the CurrentBuyPrice of Tracking Liquidity Buy Order 5 to $20.01, the new NBB, as indicated at step 312. At step 316, the process inserts Tracking Liquidity Buy Order 5 in the Tracking Process level of the internal book according to the price/time priority of its new CurrentBuyPrice, $20.01. Buy Order 5 has priority over Away Market A’s bid at $20.01, as the prices are equal but trading interest resident on the posting market center 20 has priority over away market interest at the same price. At step 318, the process checks whether there are any additional Tracking Liquidity Buy Orders that may need to be repriced, and finding none, processing is complete, as indicated at 320. 6, the process compares the size of Tracking Liquidity Buy Order 5 to the remaining shares of incoming Sell Order 6 at step 152. 2, at step 102, the process stores the specified limit price on incoming Tracking Liquidity Buy Order 5 ($20.02) as the value of its “MaxPrice,” the highest price to which Buy Order 5 will follow the NBB.

What is a liquidity pool (LP) tracking and analytics service?

A higher ratio indicates the business is more capable of paying off its short-term debts. These ratios will differ according to the industry, but in general between 1.5 to 2.5 is acceptable liquidity and good management of working capital. This means that the company has, for instance, $1.50 for every $1 in current liabilities.

The method of claim 12, wherein the tracking liquidity sell order further has a minimum price, and wherein the fluctuating current price parameter of the tracking liquidity sell order cannot be lower than the minimum price, regardless of the national best offer. The method of claim 11, further comprising resetting the fluctuating current price parameter of the tracking liquidity sell order when a national best offer price changes. The method of claim 6, wherein the tracking liquidity order comprises a maximum price, and wherein the fluctuating current price parameter of the tracking liquidity buy order cannot exceed the maximum price, regardless of the national best bid.

Summary – Top 5 Liquidity Pool (LPs) Trackers and Analytics

This is complemented by manual filtering tools to further personalize the tokens sent to fit any users needs. With access to centralized solutions, companies will be better placed to manage an efficient cash flow modeling process. This, in turn, will enable the company to make decisions based on up-to-date, reliable information – and ensure the company’s financial liquidity position is robust, both now and in the future. In order to manage the firm’s liquidity effectively, corporate treasury and finance teams need to have a clear view of the company’s cash position, as this will help them identify any liquidity gaps that need to be addressed. This means finding a solution for fast cash positioning and carrying out real-time cash modeling and forecasting.

  • At step 316, the process inserts Tracking Liquidity Buy Order 5 in the Tracking Process level of the internal book according to the price/time priority of its new CurrentBuyPrice, $20.01.
  • If the new NBO is greater than the current executable price (“CurrentSellPrice”) of the retrieved Tracking Liquidity Sell Order, then the retrieved order must be repriced less aggressively.
  • (In the case where the retrieved Sell Order is a Tracking Liquidity Order, the order is at the NBO if its CurrentSellPrice is equal to the NBO.) At step 230, the process determines if the retrieved Sell Order is a Tracking Liquidity Order.
  • At step 154, the process matches the remaining 20 contracts of incoming Sell Order 24 with Tracking Liquidity Buy Order 22 at the NBB price of $2.00.
  • We’re proud to share that DeFiChain data has been integrated into the database.
  • It’s a measure of your business’s ability to convert assets—or anything your company owns with financial value—into cash.

Referring again to step 252, the process compares the size of incoming Buy Order 10 to the size of retrieved Tracking Liquidity Sell Order 9 at step 252. Since the size of the incoming Buy Order is less than the size of this Tracking Liquidity Sell Order, a match is permissible. The process, therefore, matches incoming Buy Order 10 with Tracking Liquidity Sell Order 9 at the NBO price of $20.02, as indicated at step 254. The process then checks to see if Tracking Liquidity Sell Order 9 still has any unexecuted shares at step 256. Order 9 has 100 shares remaining in this example, so the process cancels the remaining 100 shares, as indicated at 258.

By taking other measures into account, such as liquidity, a business can make changes to ensure it’s able to meet its debts, maximize the time it holds onto cash and ensure that if it needs funding from a bank or investor it’s in the best possible position to get that capital. Finding more and new ways to hold onto and generate cash is a constant search for most businesses. Think about ways to cut costs, such as paying invoices on time to avoid late fees, holding off on making capital expenditures and working with suppliers to find the most cost-efficient payment terms.

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To track my portfolio and to track the value of holdings I use CMC . But with this list I can now track the value of my LPs and my supply/debt in different protocols . It’s also helpful that it distinguishes gains in terms of yield versus just increase in value of the assets. DeFi presents a world of new opportunities for you to make your money work harder by earning yield in the form of farming rewards, lending interest and trading fees.

The method of claim 5, further comprising resetting the fluctuating current price parameter of the tracking liquidity buy order when the national best bid price changes. Creating liquidity pools and offering liquidity providers rewards for supplying assets to these pools democratized exchanges, opening up the sphere to anyone who had ERC-20 tokens and wanted to earn a return. When a marketable incoming order is received in an issue that has an assigned Lead Market Maker, the order matching engine 21 attempts to execute the order in the Lead Market Maker Guarantee Process if possible. However, the Lead Market Maker is not entitled to guaranteed participation unless the Market Maker’s quote is at the NBBO at the time the incoming order is received. In this example, the LMM bid (40 @ $1.95) is inferior to the NBB ($2.00), so incoming Sell Order 23 cannot execute in the Lead Market Maker Guarantee Process, and the order matching engine 21 processes the order as if the issue did not have a Lead Market Maker.

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